About us

The Grove Kitchen & Gardens: emphasis on farm to table for quality, chef crafted menu on a sprawling historic farm in the heart of tyler. With our dishes we aim to create a connection with the local community. We wish to do more than just feed people a delicious meal, but also demonstrate our deep rooted relationships with our neighbors.Our products are sourced locally so we can deliver quality food with flavor at its peak. Cooking with the seasons is the maximum way to get the most out of our ingredients and provide a rich dining experience.

The Grove was developed by people with a strong passion for family and food. Holding hospitality and customer service at the highest priority, we focus on creating a warm and memorable atmosphere. The Grove is a culmination of experiences brought together by a shared passion for quality ingredients. As our name suggests we want to be rooted in the East Texas community by focusing on farm to table. We depend highly on local farmers to obtain our resources while investing locally. The Grove consists of a fun, chic and upbeat environment that is beautifully landscaped in the middle of Tyler.